Mens in Cooking After Shaving?

Cooking is one of the finest skills to study on your own. Cooking well can improve your health, save you money and be fun. Better yet, cooking is a skill you can always improve. Even the greatest kitchen veterans can learn a little something new. Here are a few handy tips for getting better results out of your kitchen:

Yes, Anyone can Learn to cook amazing meals Everyday Even Men’s.Usually men’s doing Cooking after Fresh like Shaving Etc (Wahls Shaver).

Anyone Can Learn To Cook Amazing Meals

You can remove the garlic odor from your hands by rubbing them for thirty seconds on your stainless steel stove before washing them. Garlic adds a delightful flavor to many recipes, but the unmistakable odor can linger on your hands. Using this tip, you can enjoy your dinner without your hands smelling strongly of garlic.

When cutting onions, hold a match between your teeth while you cut. Make sure the match is not lit. This will keep those stinging eyes and unwanted tears away. Your experience cutting the onion will be more pleasant if you follow this simple tip each and every time.

The best thing that you can do when you are making hamburgers is to engage in trial and error. Instead of guessing that the meat is cooked well, make a small patty and taste it yourself. This will allow you to adjust your level of seasoning and cook your burger more if it needs it.

Add a small pinch of sea salt to your ground coffee immediately before brewing. This will add a great punch of flavor to every cup. This process works well in either a traditional coffee maker or a french press. Don’t add the salt before brewing time though, or your coffee flavor will be compromised.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will prove useful to you. Not only is cooking a field in which there is always something new to learn, it is a very personal skill set. You retain full control of what you learn and how you apply it. Keep your eyes peeled for more tips that you can use to cook the way you want to.

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Nutrition Coaching During Cancer Treatment (A Western-Medicine Based Approach)

No matter who you are, a cancer diagnosis will rock your world, and not in a good way.  These days, most people’s lives have been touched by cancer fairly directly- just about everyone has had a relative, friend, or other loved one whose dealt with the bastard.  In my own personal experience, I did 6 months of ABVD chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2007, when I was 22.
The point of this post is to share some info-nuggets on what to eat before, during, and after various types of cancer treatment.  However, before we get into more of the nitty-gritty here,  I think there is one golden rule to keep in mind when coming up with a cancer eating plan:
**Just like in the normal world, there is no one diet that will work for everyone when dealing with cancer.  While the advice given in this book is useful, you or your loved one will undoubtedly have to go through some trial-and-error to find out what works.  And once you do figure it out, it will probably change over the course of your treatment!**
I don’t say this to be pessimistic- in fact, sometimes the mercurial nature of a cancer patient’s appetite can be a good thing…suppose you go through a phase where you can’t stomach the sight or smell of anything…well, you and yours will probably be pretty relieved when the next week you want to eat everything in sight
This short book is meant to be a “grab-and-go” kind of reference; nevertheless, it was pretty chock full of info.  There’s one *semi*-major beef that I have with it, but I’ll get to that later.

Let’s get down to some nuts and bolts of nutrition advice for those dealing with the little c.

First off, it’s important to note that diet can make a HUGE difference in how you handle the side effects of your treatment, and your mental state while going through treatment.  For lots of folks, (yours truly included) a cancer diagnosis equates to a feeling of lose of control.  You feel like your body belongs to disease and doctors, not you.  One of the only things that it really feels like you can control is what you eat!  Also, in my case, I really believe that the 90/10 raw foods diet that I followed immediately after treatment was what allowed me to recover so quickly.  I mean, I was a damn mess in late summer/early fall 2007.  But by the time we rolled into January 2008, my hair was growing like a stinkweed, my energy was fantastic, I was kicking ass and taking names at school and my multiple jobs, and I trained and fundraised for a half marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training.  Plus I had energy to burn!
But I digress.  Here is a lil’ list of the most common cancer treatments, and the side effects they often cause:
1. Chemotherapy
Side effects: loss of appetite
sore mouth/throat
dry mouth/thick saliva
taste and smell changes
weight changes (loss or gain)
low white blood cell counts (increases your risk of infection)
As you can see here, it’s a long list.  Also, if you notice, it says things like “diarrhea, constipation, weight change (loss or gain)”- so here we see that not only will chemo have different effects on different people, but that those effects may, indeed, be completely opposite!
So, what should you eat while on chemo?  The short answer is- whatever you want!  (I went through a 3 week phase when all I wanted was these vegan spinach nuggets- oh man, they were tasty!)  On that note, though, I mentioned earlier that I had a bone to pick with this book.  It’s actually something that’s troubled me since I went through my own treatment.  To backtrack a bit: my chemo nurses, as wonderful as they are, didn’t talk to me about diet and nutrition AT ALL.  I’m petite, and their main concern was only that I didn’t lose too much weight.  Therefore, they would say things like “Honey, if all you wanna eat for the next 6 months is cake and ice cream, you go right ahead!  We don’t want you wasting away on us now.” etc.  Buckman Weinstein gives the same advice throughout her book as well.  The logic behind it is this:  losing too much weight, or “wasting away” may impede your body’s ability to accept your treatment, and fight disease.  If you are 75 lbs., you won’t be “strong like bull”.  So, eating is really, really important to keep weight on.  With chemo screwing with your taste buds, many foods might not taste good to you, so, for the sake of just eating, you should eat whatever you want.  Plus, crappy foods tend to have more calories anyway, so, eat up!

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I think you can guess my conflict here.  Literally encouraging cancer patients to eat foods that any trained health professional knows are just bad for you- full of processed sugars, way too much salt and fat, etc.- seems like bad medical advice.  Yet, somehow, this is overlooked when it comes to cancer.  To be honest, I don’t know what the answer to this conundrum really is.  It’s true that you want to maintain a healthy weight during cancer treatment.  Yet, there’s never a circumstance when eating large amounts of sugar, salt, and fat is good for you.  I would advise my clients, and I did this myself, to keep that bigger picture in mind while going through treatment.  To prevent mouth sores, my nurses recommended that I go to 7-Eleven for a Slushie on my way to chemo, because eating something cold during treatment can alleviate the sores.  I chose to munch on plain ice chips instead.   If you want flavor, another idea would be to freeze 100% fruit juice into homemade ice pops- WAY healthier!
OK- hold the phone.  I was just about to delete what I’ve written, because I realized I said back there “Here’s a lil’ list…”, and I’m going off on tangents.  But then I thought- nah!  This is what I should be doing!  Anyone can read a book and copy out the lists of dietary advice found within.  I think giving personal advice and anecdotes from my experiences is way more poignant.  When working with clients, I know it’ll be a mix of both.  But trust me, I can recite a list of veggies that are useful to eat during and after cancer treatment as well as any nutritionist (maybe better?).  My personal experience is where I get the passion to share this information, so this post is staying as is To conclude, then, Tell Me What To Eat is certainly a useful book.  The most useful section is where the author delves into the biology of each side effect of each treatment, which is interesting.  It also includes some recipes at the end, which are always useful.  But, overall, I would not advise this diet for cancer patients, due to my arguments above.
That’s it for this Friday evening, hope you enjoyed!

What are the most secure messaging applications

We will tell you what features a secure messaging applications must have, and see how some of the unemployed are more popular as WhatsApp and iMessage on the test.What are the most secure messaging applications ?

Hardly who uses a smartphone today to continue sending SMS to communicate with each other. Hence, there is enough competition in the market for customers mobile messaging. WhatsApp, Pioneered Blackberry Messenger have managed to gain all users, Line knows how to win money, Telegram sold as protective of our privacy, Google Hangouts exchange for Gtalk and wants to be everything, iMessage and Facetime is Apple Banner, Skype replaced the MSN Messenger, and disposable Snapchat messaging. There are so many secure messaging applications and it is hard to keep track of all these services, but ultimately looking for the same, be the first most tool of communication.


But, what applications maintain your truly secure messages? We have already heard about the high level of vigilance to which we are subjected on the Internet, and why more and more people look for safe ways to communicate, to maintain their privacy, no matter that we have nothing to hide. We all have the right of our privacy.What features must a messenger have ?

The reality is that people want to be in the comfort zone. But the usability and security are two different things, and unluckily the most popular tools fall into the bottle of the most insecure.

The EFF has analyzed the major messaging clients currently available, and using a methodology that assesses 7 Important safety criteria such as:

The communication must be encrypted in transit.

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Communication must be encrypted with a key to the service provider, who does not have access. This will make sure that whoever provides the service cannot read your messages. It is what is called encryption end to end. The necessary keys to decode messages are generated from the user side and not the server.

The service must provide a direction for the user to independently verify the identities of their contacts.

Ensure that your past communication remain secure, even when you steal your passwords. If you decide to delete the local copies of your messages, they are deleted forever.

The application code must be open to be reviewed independently. It provides enough for third parties to analyze and look for faults.

The encryption method used should be well documented.

Must have been audited.Best and worst

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Best Secured Messeging Apps.

If you want encrypted communication and safety first, services like Cryptocat , ChatSecure and RedPhone meet all the above criteria.
The good old Pidgin and Adium quite used to the desktop for many years, offers an excellent level of safety.
The vaunted BlackBerry Messenger , it is very short, unless you use the version designed for companies. Both offer encryption of messages in transit, but only the enterprise version offers encrypted end to end , and has documented the encryption method used.
Both Facebook Chat and Hangouts offer encryption of communications in transit and have been audited, but that’s it.
Facetime and iMessage better pass the test, both offer encryption end to end. Your communication remain secure, even if someone steals the key. The encryption method is well documented and have been audited by third parties.
Skype offers message encryption end to end , but has never been audited. The encryption method is not documented. you cannot verify the identity of your contacts and protects your past communications.
Telegram has not been audited to date, and does not protect communications past, but the code is open for review. It provides encryption end to end and allows you to verify the identity of your contacts.
WhatsApp does not offer encryption end to end  and although it has been audited, encryption method is not documented. You cannot verify the identity of your contacts. The key to decode the messages is generated in WhatsApp servers, allowing the company to reading your posts.

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